Friday, October 24, 2008


Do you remember the Chipmunks? This (the above) is the cartoon that I remember watching Saturday mornings as a kid, (and loved it) but I know there have been other versions. My niece and nephew, Colette and Jamison, love the newest Chipmunk movie. They constantly quote the movie and sing the songs. The other night they were over and were singing the Witch Doctor song. I got a brilliant idea: why not watch the song on YouTube? We ran to the computer and looked it up. We found the original 1961 version of the song. The kids loved it! Colette loved the part where their mouths turned into words and then the very end when the neighbors come to the door. In retelling the frightening end, she laughed so hard that she couldn't get the words out. Watch the video here. I had fun walking down memory lane as we watched other songs and videos. If you loved the Chipmunks, you can love them still. Check it out!

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