Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Untimely Transmission Ambsace (UTA)

**Note: “Ambsace” means bad luck.

Here in Utah, our public transportation system is known as UTA: Utah Transit Authority. I have been a UTA passenger for years. Often, as a small child, I would jump on the 70 and ride downtown to go shopping at the mall or to see my dad at work. Back then, bus fares were only 50 cents. Once I started attending college, I took the bus nearly every day, taking the 60 in the mornings, hopping on Trax to and from the University, and then hitting the 70 home. Now that I work downtown and UTA has updated their bussing system, I either take the 460 or the Frontrunner. Usually, all goes well and smoothly. Sometimes there are delays, and often crazy bus drivers, but I get home eventually. However, today marks a new day for me in my UTA ridership history. Today, for the first time in the many years of my patronizing UTA, my bus broke down. Somehow, the bus driver killed the engine and got the gears jammed. She couldn’t shift it into drive and we were stuck, in the middle of Beck Street, in morning commuter traffic. We weren’t pulled over or anything; we were just sitting there, in the right-hand lane, with our flashers on. There were cars whipping by us, swerving around us, honking at us, and totally ignorant of the fact that those on the bus had places to go, too. After four other buses passed us, the 455 finally stopped, arriving at the same time as the mechanic, and offered us transportation. Poor 460! I hope it lives to ride another day.
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