Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about ME!

So, I've just received my first "TAG". I know, probably a little too much information, but hey, it was kind of fun. Enjoy.

A = ADVOCATE FOR: Traditional Chinese Characters. Simplified just doesn't cut it.
B = BEST FEATURE: Eyes, smile, hair on days the weather cooperates.
C= COULDN'T DO WITHOUT: Friends, chocolate, and musicals. Get them all together and you have a hit.
D = DREAMS AND DESIRES: Become a good wife and mom, get published, make up my mind!!
E = ESSENTIAL ITEM: A pen. Really, it is so versitile.
F= FAVORITE PAST TIME: Reading a good book, being with friends.
G= GOOD AT: School, Chinese, cooking, being a clutz.
H = HAVE NEVER TRIED: Skydiving.
I = IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I would travel the world!
J = JUNKIE FOR: Clearence shopping, shoes, internet shopping, books, facebook.
K = KINDRED SPIRIT: Anyone who wants to be. I'm available.
L = LITTLE KNOWN FACT: My hair hasn't always been curly. . .
M = MEMORABLE MOMENT: Having a baptism on my birthday. Best birthday present ever!
N = NEVER AGAIN WILL I: Eat the green vegetable of Taiwan. It makes me sick, really sick!
O = OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: Peanut Butter M&M's. They are just too yummy. I have to control myself. That and Dr. Pepper: Only in case of emergency.
Q = QUOTE: "Next time you talk to yourself, tell yourself you're single, and end the conversation." --While you were sleeping.
R = REASON TO SMILE: Life is just too funny! You have to laugh at it and yourself.
S = SORRY ABOUT: Being critical when people really do try hard.
T = TAG SOME FRIENDS: Crystal, Jill Johnson, Megan W., Dan.
U = UNINTERESTED IN: Getting a Ph.D. If you ask me, it is just way too much school.
V = VERY SCARED OF: Earthquakes, very large spiders, very large dogs, and cockroaches--all of which I encountered in Taiwan.
W = WORST HABIT: Cracking my knuckles, especially my fingers.
X = X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: Italy. . .But since I've been there: India, China, Ireland, anywhere really.
Y = YESTERYEAR DECADE OF CHOICE: Whichever one had soda fountains and soc hops.
Z = ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio. I've heard that Scorpio women are the most beautiful. I would have to agree.

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